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Heres my huge Health Tip of the Day! If you’re looking for a great sugar alternative, whether you’re on a  Keto Diet, Diabetic, or just cutting down on sugar in general, Xylitol is the best option. #MorningPepXylitol is my favorite brand to go to every time. Go check them out. Https://

When I first received the #MorningPep Xylitol, I knew it was going to be something special. The packaging is sleek and pretty. It is handheld with an adorable green and white gradient design. The bag is 1 pound or 453 grams of sweetener. One look at the front label and you can clearly see the benefits to switching to Xylitol.

Not only is this natural sweetener sugar free, but it is also vegetarian friendly. On top of this, the front label confirms that xylitol is low calorie, low glycemic, and low carb. It also aids in weight loss.

I also wanted to include this shot of the nutrition facts to really clarify what is in a teaspoon. This is not something you’re going to see anywhere else.

Finally, I wanted to break down some general benefits of Morning Pep Xylitol, in particular. 1st off, as indicated, it replaces sugar in equal measurements unlike most other sweeteners. Also, Xylitol is known to aide in dental health, even fighting plaque. On top of that, it is Kosher, Free of GMOs, Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, and Dairy. It is also allergen free.

After reviewing all of this, I was sure Xylitol would be a great alternative for me in my search to cut out sugar more effectively. Morning Pep did the job. I also love that it doesn’t have that bitter taste most sugar alternatives have.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great and effective sugar alternative. Look no further!

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